About TVS Primary School

TVS groups established its first School, in the year 1961 in a small scale with 2 teachers and 90 students. At the completion of its 5th year, it multiplied to 10 teachers and 500 students. In 1970, the school gained its recognition and grant. In 1985, the number of teachers rouse to 19 and to students 1000. In 2002, the strength of the teachers shooted up to 26.

  • Mrs. Kunjammal was the first Head Mistress of our School.
  • Mrs. A.P.Saraswathy worked as the IInd Head Mistress of our School.
  • Since 1997, Mrs. V. Chandra, is the Head of our School.
  • In our school, English medium was started in the year 1998, Recognition was obtained in the year 2002 (1.06.2002).
  • Mrs. A.P.Saraswathy & Mrs. V. Chandra have received the Dr. Radha Krishnan award from the Tamil Nadu Government.
  • In the year 2007 -08, our School was selected as the Best School in Madurai district.
  • Since 2009, Mrs. P.Jeyanthi, is the Head of our School.
  • TVS Nursery and Primary Schools also function along with our School in the same campus, with a total of 11 Teachers and 400 Students.
  • From 1982 to 2002 Miss. Shobhana Ramachandhran was the Secretary of our school.
  • From 17.7.2015, Mr S.Venkatanarayanan took over the Secretary ship.
  • In 1997 TVS PS was shifted from TVS MHSS at to the present TVS PS campus, at Lakshmipuram.
  • Our School functioned with shift systems for the past two years.
  • Now it has carved it mark in the society, with

    997 students and 25 Teachers are in Tamil Medium

    354 students and 17 Teachers are in English Medium

    3 Office Staff

    1 Librarian.

  • Activity staff 10 (computer,library,craft,dance,yoga,drawing, silambam, karathe,PET-2)